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Spoiler: consoles and PC are not, in fact, chalk and cheese. True one works out of the box while the other requires on-going tinkering, but strip away the interfaces, peripherals and moulded casings and it’s all just plastic and silicon at the end of the day, right? According to Crytek boss Cevat Yerli, next generation consoles will have even more in common with desktops – and as a consequence, PC-centric developers will actually be “more comfortable” with the new tech than console veterans.

Crytek, you’ll be shocked to hear, ranks among the companies that stand to gain from this state of affairs. The studio’s proprietary CryEngine 3 has apparently been “next gen ready” since 2009, and Yerli claims that Microsoft’s next Xbox can’t afford to exceed its capabilities. Other beneficiaries presumably include CD Projekt, now working on The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 for future platforms, and Total War developer Creative Assembly, which is creating a next generation Alien game.

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“I think the next console generation is going to be more a mix of the top devs – they’ll be much more PC-driven this time around,” Yerli told us in issue 97, on sale now. “In fact, I believe – oh, I can’t talk more about that. Let’s say this: PC devs will be much more comfortable than last gen console devs.”Last gen, the move from PS2 to PS3, or Xbox to Xbox 360, for many devs was back-breaking,” he explained. “But for us going to Xbox 360, we had to work backward, we had to bring down all our tech to make it happen. As opposed to finding ourselves in that situation with today’s PC… I’m already talking too much.”

Yerli went onto state that “the next gen consoles are, for the first time ever, not going to be beyond the PC generation”. This tallies with what we know of PS4, which CVG has deemed a “posh-ish PC”. Microsoft has yet to reveal specifications for its next console, of course, but you’re welcome to knock your head against some rumoured specs.

Don’t forget issue 97 – it’s a real corker, if we do say so ourselves, packed with information about The Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Bungie’s Destiny and GRID 2, among other things. The mag’s available in shops today.

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